Its been a while since I posted anything...

Had my sleep study a few weeks ago. Went fairly well. they woke me up in the middle of the night to use the CPAP, so they probably saw something on the charts before. I think that was the best I slept in ages. Hope the doc prescribes me one, but I have to wait until the 25th to see him. 3 week vacation. Wish I could afford that. ;>

And now the fun stuff with the IRS. Got a nastygram a few months back saying when we filed, we didn't declare some of my ex's income and we owe $1000 in taxes. Sent her a copy of the notice, and she just ignored it & me. I can't call the company in question to find out what it is because they can't talk to anyone but her - privacy laws. I think its actualy for a product demo job that she got for her daughter. Why its coming in her name, I don't know - she probably forged something to get her the job. So I filed an appeal and some "innocent spouse" paperwork.

And did my taxes today. Gonna recheck my numbers before I e-file, but I should get like $380 federal and $260 state back. I'm filing married but separate - could probably get more back if I filed joint, but she has some judgments on her. If my name's not on the return, they shouldn't be able to touch it. Oh, and here's the kicker - I scanned in a copy of the federal forms on the photocopier at work, which can email you a PDF file. The file I got was 666kb. Uncle Satan strikes again.

A milestone on the road to recovery
I made a big step on the road to financial recovery today: I just made the final truck payment. That will add a much needed extra $400 into my monthly budget. I need to pay my parents back for some money I had to borrow from them. I’ll be able to save up some money for Anthrocon. I’ll finally be able to save money for a lawyer to get this divorce over with. Yay!

This has been a big thorn biting me in ass for quite a while. I don’t even drive. My ex did. But we had to put it my name because I had the only income at the time we got it. So guess who got stuck still paying for it after she took off to Mexico? Her bright idea was to just stop making payments on it and let them repossess it. While that may have gotten me out of paying for it for a little while, she didn’t consider what happens AFTER they repossess it: They auction it off at a fraction of what its worth, then sue you for the rest that was left on the loan. Once you add in the court costs and other penalties, I would have probably ended up paying even more for the damn thing, and have nothing to show for it when it was all over.

That woman had no sense of financial responsibility whatsoever. She once went out and put a down payment on a camper top for the truck – when we were behind in just about every bill. Then she pretty much forged her mother’s name on a couple credit card aps. She bought herself a $5000 embroidery machine with one despite the fact that I kept telling her we couldn’t afford it. Then before she left, she sold it and instead of using the money to pay off the card, used the money to buy herself some other stuff. She ended up sticking her mom with both of those bills.

So, I’m getting to where I want to be. Just slowly.

And yes, I desperately want to go to Antrhrocon. Getting to MFF, despite feeling like I was broke, was a MUCH needed morale boost for me. I finally got to meet some of my friends that I’ve known online for years. Looking forward to that again.

Ok... I'm pissed...
Went to clean off some old files off my Linux webserver this morning and found a mysterious "sys.system.php" in the web root directory. Took a look at it, and it was a program to let someone send an email through my server using a simple HTTP POST request.

Ok, so how did it get there? Rumaging through the logs, I found where the culprit had uploaded the file via FTP with the web-root account. Also seems he only managed to send out about 70 mails before I found it. Digging even deeper, I found on Dec. 2nd they had logged in through FTP on both the webroot AND my own regular user account. So, they either figured out the password somehow, or know of some security issue that lets them in.

Passwords have been changed, and offending IP's are now blocked at the firewall, and I'll be running a malware scan on my PC's ASAP even theough I've aready got plenty of security apps already running everywhere. Heck, I even got an app running on my server that foils brute force password attacks by locking out IP addresses if you give the wrong password 5 times in a row. I don't know how many times I've accidentally locked myself out of my own server because of my big typopaws.

And all this comes only a few months after I found that spammers had uploaded several hundred thousand porno and viagra adds to my guestbook and some unused forums. What purpose that served, I don't know.... no one ever went to those areas. I now have anyonymous guess access disabled, and also set up a CAPTCHA visual verification thingy for when people post. I'm sure it will only be a matter of time before they figure out a way around CAPTCHA's too.

And lets see.... what else is going on?

Doc's got me on blood pressure meds. It's supposed to flush sodium out of your system, and it makes me pee like a racehorse. I still hate the effexor, but I may finally be adjusting to it - I haven't been as queezey or out of it last few days.

And now my Ex is IMing me right like we're best buddies. I'm trying to be nice, but she just doesn't get the fact that I really don't want to talk to her. OK, its nice that she's making a scrapbook of Teckel pictures for Noah, but I could really care less about her craft projects, how she wants to move out to the rural areas, how well her soccer team is doing, etc....

Whee, fun. Can I go home now?

Teckel is in doggy heaven
On top of everything else I have going on right now, my son's miniature Dochshund Teckel passed away this morning. She seemed perfectly fine yesterday. My son woke me up this morning because she was real weak and her belly was bloated. We called my parents so we could take her to the vet, but she passed before they could get here.

We were both holding and petting her as we waited for my parents to get here. She just lifted her head, let out a litle gasp, and then she was gone. It was so sad, but at least she passed knowing we both loved her. At least we were with this dog when the time came. When Pooh Bear passed, we found her in the middle of the kitchen floor one morning. We never got to say our goodbyes to her.

We're happy we had her as long as we did. About 4-5 years ago, she suffered a back injury, and was paralized from the midsection down. Did that stop the spunky little dog? Nope! That little dog could move draging her hind end around with just her front legs. She still had much energy as before. About the only thing she couldn't do was jump up on our laps any more. I swear, this little dog would jump about 4-5 feet off the bed to get on someone's lap, and she ALWAYS wanted to be on someone's lap.

The vet thought she might not live after the injury, but she proved them wrong. My son did have to express her bladder and bowels every day, though. A small price to pay for all those years of doggy love and licks.

We wanted to bury her out in the back yard next to Pooh Bear, but the ground is frozen. I suggested that if he did want to bury her there, we could put her in the freezer in the basement, but he didn't want to. I'll admit, that would have been a bit ooky knowing that your beloved pet was in there, but I wanted to give him the choice. We called the vet, and they do have a pet crematory service. We gently layed her in a box with her favorite toy "Bo-Bo" between her paws. We'll be taking her over there this afternoon.

I'm going to miss that little stinker.

Is this thing working? ::sniffsniffs at the mic::

I think I signed up for LJ more to keep track of my friends. I *HATE* writing about myself, and figure I'm not interesting enough to have other people read about me anyway. ;>

Saw the doc again yesterday. He started me on a blood pressure med. He's also gonna set up an appointment for a sleep study - He thinks I have apnea. They tried me on a CPAP machine like 10 years ago, but that thing drove me nuts. I swear, just as I was falling asleep, I'd get woken up by a rush of air though the nose. If they wanna stick me on one again, I really hope they've been improved as much as people say.

Is this thing working?

::sniffsniffsniffs at the screen::


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