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great customer service
I think sometimes we get so used to poor customer service, that when when we suddenly get exceptional service, it just blows us away.  Like what just happened to me today.

About 5 years ago, maybe longer, a bunch of Archy's flock all met at one of the cons. He took 6 of us or so to an Italian restaurant called "Buca di Beppo", and I rather liked it. You order several items, and they bring it out to you "family style".  IE, in a big bowl, and you serve yourself.

I noticed one of their restaurants 3 blocks away from where I work, so signed up for their online deals club. I get a coupon emailed to me fir aa free small pasta with any purchase.  The picture looked like maybe an 8" oval plate of Zitti,  Great, I think. I'll have the soup and salad special for $6.99 and get a little plate of spaghetti to go with it.      WRONG!!!!  While I'm eating my salad, the waitress brings me this huge bowl of spaghetti.  "I thought it was supposed to be a small plate!" I object.  She explains the "small" entree is for serving 2 people.  OMG!!   Guess I'll be taking home lunch for tomorrow, too.    But wait, it gets better.   I get the check, and its only for $2?!?   She rang it up as an entree, plus $1 for soup, plus $1 for a salad, and then minus the entree.

Needless to say, she got a big tip, and I'll definitely be back, and will be telling others of this place!


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