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Yes. I'm still alive.
Wow, its been like forever since I posted. I just hate writing about myself I guess.

So what have I been up to? Mostly trying to dig myself out of a deep depression. Been applying to all sorts of jobs since getting laid off last summer. Most of the time I'm lucky to hear back. I did get a job from a recruiter today for a tech level II spot in the city that sounds like I'm perfect for. Got a phone interview set up for tomorrow. wish me luck.

As expected, the high heating bills from the winter ate up what little money I was able to save. blech. The unemployment I'm getting is just barely enough to keep me going right now. Covers my bills, but not much beyond that. If I don't find a job by next winter, I don't know what I'm gonna do.

My ex is coming to visit our son in June.  I'm really NOT looking forward to that.

But things could aways be worse.  My pastor is in the hospital for cancer treatment, and he's probably going to have some dialysis. The way I look at it:  there are almost 7 billion people in this world, so the chances of you being that one guy that's worse off then everyone else is practically nil.

FINALLY finished my chainmaile shirt that I started like a year and a half ago. Turned out pretty nice, though maybe a bit too big:   http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5736112/

And since I got so much free time now, I decided to make some chainmaile jewelry to sell:
http://www.etsy.com/shop/wolfsingersden#   Pass it around! No orders off ETSY just yet, but my mom has gotten me a few orders from her friends.

I'd still like to get to MFF this year, but finances (mostly lack thereof) may kill those plans.  Guess I'll see when Novemrber gets closer.

Tacet:   Grats on the new job.  Macey's sounded like it was a huge hellhole for you.   Good to get out of there.  And yes, you and Archy do need to be together and get married and have bunny/chicks and stuff like that.  You both need each other, and its hard on both of you living in different states.

Archy:  Glad you got things worked out with your boss.  I know that's been eating at you for a long time.  Now we just gotta get your paper published, and find you a job to go to once your fellowship is over.  And I want an autographed copy of that paper, too.   It oughta sell good on EBAY once you get your Nobel.  ::grins::

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Things aren't perfect. I think things with Veffa and I will be okay, but Cindy and I will continue to grate on each other right to the end. Our interests simply do not align. She's trying to save her job, and mine is long gone, so in the end she's going to keep pushing and I'm going to keep resisting when it's necessary to do so.

My chance of getting a Nobel is precisely zero. Most straight science Nobel-winners are both lucky and monomaniac intense about their science, and I am neither. I'd rather convince a new generation to FUND science then DO science much any more.

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