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Some good news for a change!
Finally got some good news to report:

1) MRI came back clear! No tumors or anything like that. So WHY my testosterone is low, may remain a mystery. I'll probably just have to keep using this hormone gel for a long time to come.

2) Finally got my PayPal account straightened out. Got a hold of someone today who actually knew her A** from a hole in the ground when I was trying to tell her my SSN didn't belong on that other account (probably my Ex's.) I think the other people I talked to thought I was trying to open a 2nd account, and the response I kept getting was that I couldn't have my SSN on 2 accounts. She took my number off that other account, which then let me attach it to the RIGHT account, and the hold is now lifted. I then promptly filled out the app for the debit card.


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