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I need to rant... and yes, I'm still alive
Yes, I’m still alive. I’ve just been in a severe “hide from the world” mode lately. Nothing any of my friends did – just losta personal crap to deal with:

1) Health: CPAP doesn’t seem to be doing squat for me, which is real surprising after seeing the test results from my sleep study. Been using it almost every night, too (skipped a few nights when my allergies made me so stuffed up, I couldn’t breath through my nose mask even if I wanted to.) My other doc said there’s something going on with my pituitary gland, so had an MRI for that last week, and should have the results of that soon. The test itself wasn’t that bad, though I’ve done more fun things then get shoved into a narrow hole for 45 minutes while my head is in a vice and all these loud noise going on around me. It’s the possible results that got me nervous. And my mother’s talk of tumors and what not sure didn’t help.
2) Money: IRS is taking its time reviewing my amended return. State I got back with in a week or 2. Feds say it can take up to 15 weeks. (but if you owed them money, they’d want it back right away.) IRS is still possessing the innocent spouse release thing I filed way back when. Guess they have to give her a certain amount of time to respond.
3) Money part 2: wanted to get a Pay Pal debit card so I can use the money I got in there for AC. They need my SSN. Fine. I try to out it in, and it says my SSN is already being used on another account. WTF? From what information I got out of them, its probably some old account of my EX’s. So what do they do? They lock my account out, and now I gotta jump through some hoops to prove I am who I say I am so I can get to my $750 I have stashed there for AC. Already faxed in my SSN card and state ID. Hopefully they won’t need much more then that.
4) Ex crap. She’s coming in a month or so to visit our son. Where can I go hide for a while? That woman has no financial sense whatsoever. I got an IM from her today: “I think you should refinance using some of Obama’s deals”. Hmmm.. lets think about that for a moment. Her name is still on the mortgage, so she’d have to sign all the stuff too, and she’s not here. She has like $7000 in judgments against her which they’d probably want to take out of the house, and I’m sure as hell not paying for her stuff. When I looked at refinancing a year or so ago, I was rejected cuz of bad credit, and that was before she got sued. On the good news front, a friend of mine looks up some legal stuff when we were talking about me getting a divorce once I can afford a lawyer. Apparently Wisconsin has an abandonment clause that applies if your spouse has been gone over a year and has no intention of returning. She’s been gone to Mexico for a year and a half now, and told me she’s applying for citizenship there. Good. That’ll pretty much nail that coffin shut on her.
5) Anthrocon. Really looking forward to that. Been looking at airfare: will cost me around $150 round trip. Giles has the room for us booked, though hits at an overflow hotel. PayPal has my con money locked up for the time being, but I’m not going to let that stop me. Hopefully will be resolved by then, or art least get my IRS refund by then. Worst case: some bills get delayed. But I really need this for a moral booster.


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