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Gotta just love customers sometimes.
Thursday:     Customer:   OMG!  No one can log in!
                     Us:   People ARE logging in. For the few that are failing, you're not sending the proper login info.  Here's the details.  Please fix, and let us know the reusults when you try again.

Rest of Thursday:    no reply
Friday:                    no reply
Satuday:                 no reply
Sunday:                 no reply
Monday:                no reply

Tuesday:    Customer:  WOOP! WOOP WOOP!!  Emergency!   no one can log in!   WOOP! WOOP! WOOP!
                   Us:   People ARE loggin in, and you're still not sending proper login info for the ones that are failing......

*bangs head on desk*

you idiot!   *BONK* WOOWOOWOOWOO!  Nyuk Nyuk!