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bang head here....
     Why the hell does everyone think that just because you work in technical field with computers that you have all the time in the world to fix THEIR computer problems?
     If you have a friend that works in a bank, do you ask them to come by your house several times a month to balance your checkbook and work on your personal budget?
     If you have a friend that works as a cook in a restaurant, do you ask them to come by your house several times a month to cook dinner for you?
     No? So why is it OK for some people to keep asking me to fix their computer for them, then?

Case 1:  my mother.   No matter how many times I’ve told her to NOT click on “fix my computer” adds, she does anyway and then begs me to clean up all the malware that it installed.  She INSISTS on using Yahoo’s webmail, despite the fact that they’re constantly changing things and breaking it.  I spend HOURS setting up her mail on outlook express and showing her how to use it.  Nope, she doesn’t like it.  Thank you for wasting my time.  Don’t call again the next time Yahoo breaks something.  Did you try looking up a solution on Google?  Did you REALLY?   Then how come when I do Google search word for word on what you just asked me, the first 5 that come up all have solutions?    Oh…  and then she tries to bribe me to come over to her house to fix stuff with offers of dinner.
Case 2:  my ex.  I‘m trying to remain on friendly terms with her, but she pulls the same “can you fix my computer” crap constantly, too.  She updates Java, and suddenly her app that she needs for work stops working.  So I get panic stricken IMs from her at 11pm at night begging me to fix it for her.   I guess she doesn’t think I sleep at night.  I tell her to IM our son and he can help her since he stays up till all hours of the morning.   I never hear back.   Oh well.  Night night.  Oh, and I know she has 2 laptops.   Use the other one until you can fix the java issue.
Case 3:  I guy I used to work with and probably haven’t talked to in 2 years emails me out of the blue, asking if he can pay me to fix his computer.   Knowing him, he’s probably still trying to use that 10 year old piece of crap he had when I LAST looked at it.  Save your money and put towards a halfway decent new PC.

So, let’s look at things from my point of view.
I get home from work about 6:30pm.   I try to get to bed by 10:30pm.  That leaves me about 4 hours to do what I need to each evening.   Take off an hour for dinner, leaving 3.  I need to work on schoolwork for at least an hour, leaving less than 2.   Take off another hour or so for house work and other personal stuff I got to do, leaving about 1 hour.   And now you want me give up that 1 hour I have a night for myself to try to relax by basically doing more of my job for you for free?


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