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Happy Happy Joy Joy
First off, I’d like to apologize to my friends for being a bit scarce as of late. Between servers going down at work, days when 1/3rd of the department is out, my apnea acting up, etc…. I’ve been zonking out early, and just needed some “me” time lately.

But on the good news side of things….

Finally got to talk to the doc about the results of my sleep test last month. Turned out to be one of those “wow!” moments for me. We pretty much figured I had apnea, we just didn’t realize how bad. The doc gave me a copy of the test summary, and here’s how he presented it to me.

After not falling asleep for 2 hours, they gave me a sleeping pill. Once I did finally fall asleep, it looked like a mess. The part that looks like a UPC code (line 7) is me stopping breathing 71 times an hour. OUCH!! That in turn leads to briefly waking up (line 10), not getting enough oxygen (line 1 average dropped below normal), elevated heart rate (line 2 – hard to tell, but it slowly was rising), and no REM sleep (line 6 – its supposed to look like a black bar running down the middle.)

In short, pretty bad. The tech woke me up around 2:30 to start me on a CPAP machine. Things looked MUCH better after that:

Line 4 is where they were increasing the CPAP pressure to find what worked for me. They had to crank it pretty high to get things to “normal” for me. Now instead of a UPC code for apnea (line 7) and wakeups (line 10), I had just a few which is normal. O2 level stayed normal (line 1) and heart rate (line 2) dropped a bit like its supposed to. And what we’re looking for on line 6…. The black bar of REM sleep. Yay!! The doc said you normally have a bunch of shorter REM stages, but since I probably haven’t had decent REM sleep in ages, my body tried to make up for it while it could.

Now I just have to wait a few days for the medical supply company to get me my own CPAP… probably just a few days.

And, on the other good news front…. I already got like $500 back in state and Federal tax refunds. My parents got their taxes done, and their preparer said I probably should have gotten back more then that and wanted to review it. Sure enough, I missed a few things: 1) since my ex has been living in Mexico for over a year, I can file Head of Household instead if just married filing separately. 2) You can deduct state income tax withheld. Even though I PUT all that into the free filing site I used, it for some reason didn’t deduct it. The end result is I should be getting back another $700 on amended returns. I’m going to go back and check last years return to see if it failed to deduct it there, too.


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